Why go with reverse osmosis instead of bottles?

There are many reasons that the Pure DWS product is superior to bottled water. The following points explain why businesses are switching to reverse osmosis in record numbers:

  • Less expensive.
    All bottled water companies have seen their costs rise dramatically with the recent increases in fuel prices. These costs must be passed on to the consumer through cost increases in your cost per bottle and/or fuel charges. It should come as no surprise that the Reverse Osmosis System installed in businesses costs much less to operate. Most businesses save at least 30% by switching to Pure DWS.

  • More sanitary.
    Bacteria inside most bottled water coolers are omnipresent. According to an article in Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine, October, 1997 edition, an article entitled Keep it clean: Bacteria and water cooler hygiene; cites the following: “Unlike POU (point of use) coolers and self-filling bottles, bottled water coolers are not closed systems. Your water may be absolutely pure when the bottle is sealed. But once the bottle is opened, that’s another story. Any numbers of workers handle each bottle, everyone adding his or her germs to its surface. Even with today’s advances in water cooler designs, those germs can migrate into the cooler. Without a no-spill protection device, such infection is a virtual certainty”

  • Reduce the risk of workplace injury.
    Rising Worker Compensation costs are a major expense facing all corporations throughout the United States. With Pure DWS’s bottle-less drinking water system you will reduce your exposure to Worker Compensation claims by eliminating trip hazards and back injuries due to lifting cumbersome bottles.

  • Made fresh, on demand.
    Some bottled water companies will stockpile pallets of bottled water during their peak demand months. By the time you have your bottled water delivered to your business; it could be days or weeks old. With Pure DWS, your water is made fresh one glass at a time.

  • Fixed monthly cost.
    Most bottled water users have grown accustomed to the cyclical nature of their bottled water bill. Most businesses will notice a significant increase in the cost of their bottled water during the hot summer months, and then level off in the winter. With Pure DWS, your monthly rate does not change regardless of the volume of water consumed. Summer or winter, same low monthly rate!