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Have You Made the Switch Yet?

If your office is still using water jugs with dispensers, Pure DWS is the change that you need! A solution that is not only a greener way to drink water but also more cost effective for your business. With our help, you can have fresh, purified water by the glass.


Why Choose Pure DWS


Switching over to Pure DWS can save you at least 30%

There’s a lot of waste that is generated with plastic water bottles. With Pure DWS, you can create an environmentally friendly solution for your business. The heavy lifting that is involved with water jugs and dispensers could lead to injuries on the job. Choose us for a hassle-free, safer, less waste, more cost-effective, and overall better choice of drinking water for your business.


Quench Your Thirst More Responsibly

When there is a way to make your business more green, go for it! Not only will you feel better, but your employees will see how much you care about the environment. Landfills across the world are overflowing with 2 million tons of plastic water bottles.


Need Water? Pull Lever

How simple can it be? Our simple installation and set-up is just as simple as it is for you to get water. No more struggling to lift the heavy jugs, allowing them to take up valuable storage space, or worrying about the sanitary aspects of your water.


Get Clean Water By The Glass

The technology behind our water system is like no other. We have advanced our knowledge and created a water system using reverse osmosis. In literal seconds before you drink the water, all dirt, chemicals, heavy metals, minerals, and biological contaminants are removed.


There is a lot more involved in producing water bottles than many people realize. In order to meet the demands in America, on average, there are over 17 million barrels of oil used each year. Then add in the fuel oil that is used for transportation purposes of these bottles. That can provide fuel to over 1.3 million cars each year.

We Will Take Care Of You

Have a problem with your system? Don't worry, we offer emergency services. One of our team members will be there within 24 hours to help with the situation. It is very important to have routine maintenance done as well, we perform maintenance services every 10-12 months.


What Our Clients Say?

We used to have 5-7 huge bottles around the office and my wife had to wait until someone strong enough came in the office to change the empty bottle out. Even some of the guys wouldn't change the bottle because it's a mess to try to get the new bottle on before a gallon of water splashes on the floor. What a pain! Thanks to Jerry, we realized that PureDWS saves our backs while saving us space and money. Pure Drinking Water Solutions was the cheapest way to improve the overall health of our company. Now, we drink more water. The taste is improved but the ease of getting water is unparalleled.
Jeff Duncan
President/CEO at Quality Construction/Quality Commercial & Residential Roofing