Switch and Save

No matter where you get your water from, it is all just municipal. There isn’t a magical concoction that is made to produce bottled water. It all goes through the same process of purification with reversed osmosis. When going green is available and you can get the same quality, if not better, why not go bottless?

The price tag on the water you are drinking is not due to the quality of the water. It is labor during the production of the plastic bottles, gas and oil prices for the machinery and trucks, and insurance.

Make the right choice for your business; get water by the glass. Pure can give you all the same great qualities and taste of bottled water for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention all the hassle that you are eliminating and creating a waste that you are reducing.

Get Away from Bottled and Choose 30% Savings

By making the switch to Pure DWS, you will save $1 per gallon of water. That is a rate of at least 30% savings for your business. We love to take care of our customers and show them top-notch customer service. You never have to worry about how much water is consumed by your employees again. We charge a flat rate each month, without restrictions. There isn't a cap on the amount of water that you get each month. All maintenance services, emergency services, and repairs are 100% on us. You will never pay an extra fee for our services.

Don't Overthink It

Don't overthink the process. Every part of the installation and process is taken care of by us. Our team understands the inconvenience that is created when installations are being made in the workplace. That is why we make the process as quick as we possibly can.

Think about all the scheduled deliveries you've made, heavy lifting you've done, and service fees you've paid that will be gone now. Pure DWS will help you to reduce your environmental footprint.

The Process of Installation

Step 01.

We will locate the cold water source closest to where you want the system installed.

Step 02.

Install the TFCRO (Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis) water filtration system in that location.

Step 03.

After the TFCRO is installed, we will run tubing from the system through the ceiling, walls, or wherever is needed to the dispenser.

Step 04.

We will install a cable plate to make the exit area of the tubing look more presentable to the cooler.

Step 05.

The water is then turned on, and the system is plugged in. Your installation service is completed, and you are ready to enjoy your new water filtration system.

The Maintenance Process

Every 6-8 months, we provide our customers with thorough maintenance services. We have found that this provides you with the optimal functionality and greater longevity of your water filtration system. Other companies only provide service once a year, to every year and a half. Our team makes a point to visit our customers no less than twice a year to ensure you have the cleanest drinking water possible.

Our maintenance checklist: