Why should I sign a multi year contract?

Many companies are reluctant to sign long term agreements and we understand completely! In most cases, companies who lease reverse osmosis drinking water systems have partnership agreements with 3rd party leasing companies. These companies typically trade the agreement for a 1-time cash payment to your provider.

As the decision maker for your company’s drinking water needs, you will want to give these types of agreements much scrutiny, as the moment this agreement is sold to the leasing company, your company is obligated to pay through the end of the term. This is true whether or not your provider has performed the maintenance on your system as agreed!

With Pure DWS, the risk is entirely eliminated. As Pure DWS finances its own equipment purchases, your company will always be dealing directly with Pure DWS on both the rental and service of your system.

Pure DWS has several different rental options from which to choose. Short term to longer term – the choice is yours. If your company is at ease with a longer term, be sure to ask you sales representative about special pricing options.