Why You Should Try Bottless

No matter where you get your water from, it is all just municipal. There isn’t a magical concoction that is made to produce bottled water. It all goes through the same process of purification with reversed osmosis. When going green is available and you can get the same quality, if not better, why not go bottless?

The price tag on the water you are drinking is not due to the quality of the water. It is labor during the production of the plastic bottles, gas and oil prices for the machinery and trucks, and insurance.

Make the right choice for your business; get water by the glass. Pure can give you all the same great qualities and taste of bottled water for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention all the hassle that you are eliminating and creating a waste that you are reducing.

Save Money

Never worry about running out of water for your staff again. We charge a flat rate per month for our services. No matter how much water that your employees consume. On average, businesses that we help save at least 30% by switching to Pure DWS.

Be Environmentally Smart

More and more businesses are choosing options to be more environmentally conscious. This is one way that you can do your part. Going bottless is one of the simple ways that you can be environmentally responsible. Be the change and stand out against others; make yourself known for your consciousness of making the world take on a little less waste.

Drink a Refreshing Glass of Water

Do you think about sanitation and ways to be as safe as possible? Consuming jug water that uses a dispenser is probably not the best solution. There are a number of hands that touch the bottles throughout the transportation and set-up process. It then gets mounted onto the dispenser, where your water comes from. With our system, everything is closed and not exposed to the outside elements. The water is not purified prior to being stored in a bottle, it is done on the spot as it enters your glass.

Make the Choice That is Right for You

You have choices. Whatever style or look you are going for, we have a system for you. If you want something that is sleek and stylish or something out of the way and not visible, we have what you are looking for. Pure DWS can even assist you with industrial size systems and more.