Why should I go with Pure DWS instead of another water company?

Pure DWS has four distinct advantages over our competition:

  1. Pure DWS is the manufacturer of your reverse osmosis system
    Most companies in our industry simply purchase systems and/or components from several suppliers. If you were to examine the equipment in the accounts of our competitors you may see several different manufacturers reverse osmosis systems installed there. These companies typically purchase their product based on cost and not on performance. As a manufacturer of reverse osmosis products for over 25 years, Pure DWS updates the reverse osmosis purification unit at least annually. If your Pure DWS system was installed 10 years ago, it will always include the same updated operating parts as those systems installed today.

  2. Top of the line component used in the manufacture of your reverse osmosis system.
    Pure DWS uses the Thin Film Composite membranes. Pure DWS also uses only Solid Carbon Block pre-filters to eliminate any guesswork on the timing of your filter change.

  3. Great service protocol, all at no extra charge.
    Pure DWS’s preventative maintenance is performed every 10-12 months and consists of the following service elements:
    • Replace pre-filters every 10-12 months.
    • Replacement of Reverse Osmosis membrane at least every 3-years.
    • Reverse Osmosis tank is sanitized every 10-12 months.
    • Tank re-pressurization every 10-12 months.
    • Cooler exterior cleaned every 10-12 months.
    • Heat exchanger is cleaned every 10-12 months.
    • Incoming water pressure to reverse osmosis system tested every 10-12 months.
    • Product and source water tested for TDS (total dissolved solids) every 10-12 months.

      Many competing companies perform preventative maintenance only every 14-18 months.

  4. Free installation utilizing components that exceed industry standards.
    Pure DWS uses air gaps or check valves on all of our installations. An air gap or a check valve prevents water from a backed up drain flowing backwards into the reverse osmosis system. These measures protect the system from being contaminated with bacteria. Many companies do not install air gaps or check valves on their reverse osmosis systems, leaving them vulnerable to the formation of bacteria.

    All of Pure DWS’s installations are hard plumbed. Pure DWS uses only easy adapters or tees when attaching to the cold water supply line. These connection methods conform to local plumbing codes and hence, are much less likely to leak. Many competing companies use piercing valves, which are notorious for causing leaks.

    Pure DWS installs the reverse osmosis system at the water source instead of inside your drinking water cooler. This type of installation is important for these reasons:

    • Water Pressure
      If your chosen cooler location is not within 10 to 15 feet of a water source there may not be enough water pressure for a reverse osmosis system to function correctly. If you choose to locate your cooler greater than 15 feet from the water connection, both the quality and quantity of your drinking water may be negatively affected.

    • Surface area of the filtration media
      Companies that put reverse osmosis systems inside their customer’s cooler may have to use miniaturized filter components to make them fit. While it might seem like a good idea to install the reverse osmosis system inside your cooler cabinet using miniaturized filter components, there is much less filtration media for the water to pass through leading to a greatly shortened filter life. Pure DWS only uses full size commercial components in all systems it manufacturers.

    • Increased exposure for potential leaks
      If you’re evaluating a reverse osmosis company planning to install the reverse osmosis system inside your cooler, you are exposing yourself to needless liability in the event a leak was to occur.   Most water lines in a typical commercial reverse osmosis system installation involve running a water line inside your walls and ceiling space.   If your reverse osmosis system is installed inside your cooler, your technician must run a pressurized line to and from the cooler. In the event of a leak, you have full city water pressure and the potential for major flood damage. Pure DWS installs the reverse osmosis system at the water source and runs only the product line through the ceiling and wall to the cooler.  In the event of a leak, your reverse osmosis unit is only making a little over one gallon per hour (25gpd reverse osmosis system). This greatly minimizes your exposure to water damage caused from leaks.